BeFunky’s Sharpen tool makes your images stand out, it defines the edges in your photo by making dark pixels darker and bright pixels brighter, which adds more contrast to your image.

1. Upload your image to BeFunky’s Photo Editor.

country girl soft focus

2.The Edit section will open automatically, from there select Sharpen.

befunky photo editor sharpen tool

3. Smart Sharpen (triangle icon)

Smart Sharpen is just that, smart! It knows where your image needs sharpening and applies it to those areas.

BeFunky photo effects smart sharpen

4. Sharpen (diamond icon)

Sharpen does exactly that – it sharpens… EVERYTHING! A little bit goes a long way when you’re using this tool.

BeFunky photo editing sharpen tool

5. Using Paint Mode.

Select the Paint tab, adjust your Brush Size, Hardness (Feathering), and the Brush Strength (how concentrated the effect is), then just click and drag your mouse over the area of the photo you want to Sharpen.

BeFunky photo editor selective sharpening

6.When you’re finished, click the blue checkmark to apply the effect, then Save your photo or continue editing!

country girl photo editor sharpen BeFunky

Ready to try Sharpen on your photos?

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