It’s irritating when the only thing keeping a picture from being fantastic is a bright red pimple. Which is why I wanted to share some retouching tools that I use get pesky blemishes out of my photos. I use these tools constantly. I use them on portraits of friends, group photo’s, selfies, and etc – I couldn’t live without them! Especially the teeth whitener, I almost always use that, regardless of whether my teeth look yellow, because I like that extra pop!

Remove Blemishes

I use the blemish fix tool to get rid of red marks, un even skintones, and bumps.



Get Rid of Wrinkles and Fine Lines

The Wrinkle Removal tool is a great tool to get rid of creases and create a more youthful look. You can adjust the strength of the effect and the brush size for easier use.



Easily Whiten Teeth

This tool is amazing, and probably the tool I use the most; the teeth whitiner! Our teeth whitening tool has an adjustable brush size for easy use.



More Touch Up Tools!
Touch Up Tools Retouch

Now that you know more about your retouching options, it’s also worth checking out all the other touch up tools such as the lipstick, bronzer, and red eye removal!