Get pixel perfect sizing with BeFunky‘s Resize tool!

1. Upload your photo to BeFunky’s Photo Editor.

BeFunky Photo Editor Resize images

2.The Edit section will open automatically, from there select Resize

BeFunky Photo Editor resizing photos

3. Adjust the Width and/or Height (or X & Y scales if you prefer working with percentages).

Simply click the number in the box and type your new dimensions, or you can click on the arrows with your mouse and drag up or down to resize. Lock Aspect Ratio is selected by default so that your aspect ratio will stay the same while you’re resizing. When you uncheck this box and resize your photo, you’ll get a ‘squished’ look.

Pro Tip: Increasing the resolution of a low res photo (upresing) will cause distortion and blurring, so be careful when Resizing to a larger resolution.

BeFunky Photo Editor resizing tutorial

4. If you’re planning to print your photo, this chart will help you convert inches to pixels (Please note- Maximum output resolution with BeFunky is 4000x4000px).

Pro Tip: To get the exact print size you’re looking for you may need to use a combination of the Resize and Crop tools.

Print size inches to pixels befunky resize photos for printing

5. When you’re finished, click the blue checkmark to apply the effect, then save your photo or continue editing!
BeFunky photo editor resize photos easily

Ready to Resize your photos?

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