As a frequent traveler, I have learned to pack lightly and only carry a Chromebook which is perfect for traveling because of its compact size.  Problem: I can’t download any photo editing software to it. Solution: I do have access to internet and with a browser I’m able to use BeFunky!

These are some of my favorite tips for editing with BeFunky’s creative tools:
Tip #1 – Keep photos simple and sweet: Simple photos keep my blog posts clean and they seem to me more professional looking! I achieve this by making sure to adjust my images with the Brightness, Contrast, Highlights and Shadows option.
Tip #2 – Save your “Favorites” Effects: Save time by saving your favorites! Sometimes, I like to spruce up my photos by applying various filters, effects, etc. Instead of looking through BeFunky’s extensive filter list, I make sure I have my “favorites” saved.

Favorites Web App - BeFunky

Tip #3 – Experiment.
– Try blending some effects, you’d be surprised what this can achieve, just don’t over do it!
– Make a collage! When you have too many great photos of one single event and don’t want to overwhelm your readers or your album with too many photos, a collage comes in handy!

These are two examples of how quickly and easily I get to edit my photos while traveling:
Original Photo


Step 1: Photo Editor > Essentials > Exposure > Change Settings
After you’ve uploaded your photo, choose the first option on the tab Essentials.  Adjust the Exposure first and then if necessary proceed with Brightness, contrast and Highlights.

Step 2: Go to Effects -> Choose Chromatic 1
The second icon is my favorite! Effects can completely change your photo, depending on which “filter” you choose. One of my favorites is : Chromatic 1.

step 4

Step 3: Textures -> Bokeh 6 -> Change opacity
One of my other favorite textures is Bokeh 1 + Bokeh 6. I believe it suits this picture perfectly because it adds a magical feel to it. Make sure to play around with the opacity to get the perfect finishing touch! 

last step



Original Photo

Step 1: Photo Editor > Essentials
I thought the picture was too dark in the beginning, so I increased the brightness along with the contrast to make it pop. I played around with the shadows and highlights.


Step 2: Photo Editor > Effects > Chromatic #2
The easiest way to improve a photo is to put a filter on it! I love how BeFunky lets you adjust the strength so you can either decrease or increase its intensity.

Step 3: Photo Editor > Effects > Cross Process #1
I loved Chromatic’s warmth but the photo was looking lighter than I wanted and Cross Process #1 added the perfect balance!



Other examples of photos I took and edited with BeFunky!


Now you can take all your beautiful travel photographs and transform them into masterpieces! Our BeFunky Photo Editor & Collage Maker makes it super easy for you, have fun editing!

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