Are you always trying hard to create the perfect image? Me too. At the moment it seems the picture we’re all striving to create is one that is light, bright and airy. But how do you do it? Surely you need a fancy camera and posh editing software. Well guess what? You don’t. All you really need is BeFunky’s Photo Editor to create these beautiful images. Here’s how to do it.

How To Create Light Bright and Airy Images

Your Surroundings

The first step to getting a light, bright and airy image starts with where you actually take the photo. There’s a reason why photographers always prefer to shoot in a white room. It’s the best backdrop for getting this aesthetic. Choose to shoot your photo in a light room that is really bright. If you don’t have a room that’s pure white, your bathroom is the next best shot – that’s where I took the image above. Already, you’re getting the effect because the room is so light already.

light bright and airy images

The Lighting 

We’ll get onto using the BeFunky Photo Editor to create the perfect light balance soon, but before that, natural light is what you need to focus on. Shooting underneath or near a big window is ideal. Now you might think that a really sunny day would provide the best lighting. Actually, a light grey sky is even better. Bright sunshine can be too harsh and cast a yellow effect over the images. But a light grey sky creates the perfect airy atmosphere.

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Your Background 

Just like the room you’re in, the background you choose to shoot your image on is just as important. You wouldn’t want to take a picture in a white room against a dark blue backdrop, would you? Soft greys, peaches and light blues are perfect as they add a bit of interest and texture to an image without being overpowering. 

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The Editing

 Now here’s where the magic happens. Creating a light, bright and airy image is all in the editing, which is where the BeFunky Photo Editor comes in.  The first thing you want to do is make sure your image is the right size – you want just enough background, not too much.

How To Create Light Bright and Airy Images

Now you could hit the Beautify button, which really enhances the colours of the image. But that isn’t your aim when you’re going for light and airy images. You’re better off doing it manually, and the first thing you want to adjust is the brightness, which you’ll find in Exposure.

How To Create Light Bright and Airy Images

Brightness is every photographer’s secret weapon. It instantly adds light to the image and you can start to see the effects already.

How To Create Light, Bright and Airy Images

In this image, I really want to bring out the colours of the flowers, which is where it’s time to adjust the contrast. The higher up I put the contrast, the brighter the flowers become. You don’t want to make them too bright that they’re overpowering – just bright enough that they stand out against the background.

How To Create Light Bright and Airy Images

Highlights also add to the lightness of the image. They bring out the natural light in the photo just a little bit more with a slight adjustment, but it can have big effects.

How To Create Light Bright and Airy Images


In the Softness area of the Photo Editor, you’ll be able to create the extra air to your image. If you increase the lightness it gives a real ethereal effect to your picture. You can also increase the softness, which works beautifully in this photograph.

How To Create Light Bright and Airy Images

When you’re happy with your edits, you can save your photo to your computer and use it wherever you wish. You can also save it to BeFunky and use different hashtags to describe your image.

There you have it. Now go off and enjoy creating the perfect light, bright and airy images.

Light Bright Airy Image