Get jolly, y’all. Whether it’s through a nice, generous mugful of extra-strength eggnog, a steaming cup of cocoa or even a plate of freshly baked cookies (can you tell I’m a wee bit chilly?), when it comes down to it the holidays are really about one thing: giving.

Not just presents (though hey, holler at your girl), but, yes oh yes, holiday cards, too. Think about it. Family portrait time. Envision it with me.


You and approximately 58743 of your favorite cousins twice removed are all stuffed into nice, itchy sweaters, gazing forward at the camera and…nope. Nope nope nope. Let me spare you the trouble.

Instead of having to tediously mail out holiday cards to each one of your ninety million obscure great aunts, why not just design one on the fly real quick? 

With that being said, perhaps there’s no better time than the present to announce that BeFunky’s just come up with a whole new line of holiday cards available just for you. We took all of our favorite Greeting Cards from the Collage Maker, added on a few new designs, then put them all together in one nice, cozy little place in the Designer Toolset for your convenience.


New holiday cards + the favorites you know and love from the Collage Maker = a recipe for the holiday feel goods. Not to be biased or anything…but check out a couple of these bad boys. First off is our resident Greeting Cards: Winter Holiday edition. Here’s a little number I whipped up in just about no time:


Just looking at this real quick makes me think of everything that’s warm and fuzzy and cinammon-y. Someone get me a hot drink, damnit.

So before I get to showing you how to create a design using one of the newer holiday card templates, here’s a couple for you to check out in all their glory:


Too cute.


Snip20151130_11 Snip20151130_12

Now time for the fun stuff. This is my personal favorite holiday card template:


Simple yet elegant. I make it a habit to bookmark my favorite Pixabay photographer profiles daily, so it should be pretty easy to make something beautiful here. Start by heading to the Designer Toolset and selecting Templates, then open up the Winter Holiday section:


Choose your template, then start filling it with as much holiday goodness as possible:


You can then add in your images using the Image Manager. Even if you have a less than stellar photo to work with, you can just select ‘open image in Editor’ to open it into the Photo Editor straightaway. Talk about service.


The final result? Modest, yet tasteful.


Time to bake some cookies. Who’s with me?