Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is for lovers. Candy, stuffed animals, romantic, candlelit dinners, maybe a bottle of fancy champagne (or two). Despite all that, my best lady friends and I have been celebrating a different kind of love for the past few years, and that’s the love between female friends. Galentine’s Day is an unofficial holiday created by the incomparable, truly magnificent Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation and falls on February 13th—and it’s all about ladies celebratin’ ladies.

Source: Queer Girl Blogs

Source: Queer Girl Blogs

Basically, we get together, enjoy each other’s company, exchange small gifts to show how much we appreciate one another, and eat some really good food. Like, a ton of really good food. And it’s AWESOME. So, today, I’m going to give you some tips on planning your very own Galentine’s Day and show you how BeFunky can help you along the way!

Step #1: Plan the Perfect Menu

My friends and I love food. Ideally, a perfect Galentine’s Day would consist of us all creating a dish and coming together for a big, home-cooked meal, but schedules get tight, so sometimes we have to pick a restaurant to do the work for us. One of my favorite Galentine’s Days was when we all planned a menu and cooked something new that we thought we’d all love and ate together. With BeFunky’s graphic Designer Toolset, creating your own perfect DIY menu is easier than ever!

Galentine's Day Menu fin

Start by opening up the Designer Toolset and heading over to Event Graphics, where you’ll find that sweet Menu section:


You’ll then be prompted to choose a template for your masterpiece:


After you’ve decided on your template you can upload your own image as the background, so pop on to the Image Manager and upload a photo. You can then double click or drag and drop it to make it the background image.


From this point you have two options. You can stick with a template and just modify a couple of areas, adding in some graphics or modifying the text with the Text Editor:


Or you could go all out and make some really lovely stuff like Melanie’s sensationally lovely menus over here:

 wedding menu melanie befunky

before and after wedding menu befunky diy

wedding menu melanie rainbow befunky

The handmade touch of the menu will show your friends that you put in just a little more effort and thought into planning an unforgettable Galentine’s Day.

Step #2: Take A TON of Pictures

I am sadly guilty of not taking as many pictures as I should at events, so my friends and I have been trying to make more of an effort to document these things. So, my big tip is to take pictures of literally everything and everyone you can, from the table decorations to the dishes themselves and, of course, of your Galentine’s Day company!

Pro Tip: If you need some tips on perfecting that foodie Instagram shot, well then that’s fine, too.

Galentine's table

The table setting from this Galentine’s Day was created by my lovely friend, Morgan, who has a wonderful eye for all things creative, and is incredibly thoughtful.

Galentine's edit

This is one of the rare photos of (almost) all of us at one of our first Galentine’s Days at a swanky restaurant in Berkeley, CA. I’ve edited it with the BeFunky Photo Editor to give it a soft feel with the help of the Vintage Colors 1 filter and a cute graphic from the “Love” section.

And if you just so happen to find yourself in a dark, dimly lit bar when celebrating, check out these tips on editing low light photos here.

Step #3. Make Personalized Gifts or Cards

Though my art skills are very basic, I absolutely love drawing and creating handmade cards full of inside jokes for my best friends.

Card Collage

I made these cards for my friend, Brooke, who shares a love of Parks and Recreation with me, so I always make her a Parks & Rec. themed card for Galentine’s Day.

Optimus fine

This is one that she made for me in return, which is rife with one of my favorite things ever: puns.

In lieu of a hand-drawn card, BeFunky’s got some great graphics and greeting card templates that you can customize to fit your friends’ personalities and still have that handmade, personalized touch.

Step #4. Put It all Together

This is where the idea of making memories comes to the forefront. Take these new memories you’ve just made on your Galentine’s Day and put them together in a collage to preserve and share them!

Galentine's Collage

I used the wonderful collage maker to put together some of my favorite memories from past Galentine’s Days with my pals. Now I have a beautiful collage full of years of memories of my friends and me on one of our favorite days to remind me of how important my lady friends are to me.


Source: Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Start Planning Your Perfect Galentine’s Day today!