Funky Focus is a really powerful tool. It works similar to a tilt-shift lens, where you can use it to add depth to an image through selective focus.

1. Upload your photo to BeFunky’s Photo Editor

befunky photo editor tilt shift roses

2. The Edit section will open automatically, from there select Funky Focus

befunky tilt shift funky focus roses

3. Choose between either a Radial (circular) or a Linear (vertical/horizontal line) focal point.

befunky photo editor funky focus tilt shift miniature

4. Next, select your type of Funky Focus.

Choose from Black & White (does not add blur), mosaic (pixelated blur), or inverse (blur inside of your selection rather than outside). You can also control the Blur Amount (strength) and Opacity (transparency) using the 2 sliders.

befunky funky focus tilt shift black and white

5. Use your mouse to ‘grab’ the white dots and customize the shape and orientation of your focal point

Pro Tip: With the Radial option you can form ovals and with Linear you can rotate the focal point 360º

befunky tilt shift funky focus photo editing

6. When you’re finished, click the blue checkmark to apply the effect, then save your photo or continue editing!

befunky miniature effect tilt shift funky focus

Ready to try Funky Focus on one of your photos?

befunky tilt shift funky focus roses black and white