Does your cat think every day is Caturday? Does he think it’s okay to put his face in your shoes, and throw up fur balls at night next to your pillowcase? Does your cat have a serious case of cattitude? Does he try to write your emails for you because he thinks the “mousepad” really suits his expertise? Does he sometimes stare at you intensely for hours, judging you, but saying nothing?


(He’s already signed you up to Petco’s rewards program and adjusted your Netflix preferences.)

Sometimes, you just have to put your foot down. Once your cat has bullied you long enough, you may find yourself wanting the perfect revenge—which is exactly why you should consider selling your cat on eBay.

When you’re dealing with a cat with a mind of its own you may find it difficult to snap up a good photograph of your feline (after all, they can smell betrayal). Luckily enough, a few post-edits in the BeFunky Photo Editor can do wonders on even the grumpiest cat. Follow these short steps to get your feline FedEx ready in no time.

Step One: Find a Cat-Sized Box. Place Cat In Box.


Step Two: Beautify Your Cat

Bring out those gorgeous rustic orange tones in his fur by adjusting your Exposure settings in the Photo Editor. Not only does this help bring out Rambo’s best color, but it also helps articulate his fanciful whiskers and outlines his mysterious, alluring eyes. You can also use the Beautify tool for this purpose, too, which adds a slight bit of contrast and color to your shot.

If you want to present an even sleeker cat, be sure to use the Sharpen tool in the Edit panel. Fluffy can be as slick as a short-haired domestic, and this way no one will ever have to know that she is sometimes mistaken for a mop.


Step Three: Make Your Cat Seem Friendly

Head to the Color section in the Edit panel where you can adjust the hue, saturation, and temperature of your shot. I’ve gone ahead and increased Rambo’s color temperature, making him just a touch more warm and friendly.


Great! Rambo’s looking beautiful and friendly. But how do we make him seal the deal? One awesome option in the Photo Editor is the Funky Focus tool. This tool allows you to really draw in the focus of a photo to a specific location and adds a customizable blur to the rest of the photo.


Now, Rambo’s face is the center of the photo and my eBay customers will have no choice but look into his deep, longing eyes and become captivated. It’s as if his eyes are begging you to rub his belly and buy him a Starbucks latte.

Step Four: Enhance The Illusion

Much like how infomercials will sell double of a product to you, or throw in a freebie, you want to market your cat to be irresistible. This is where BeFunky’s glorious framing options come in. Simple yet elegant, they’ll enhance the idea that your cat is the perfect buy while also hiding the foreshadowing of his mischief.


Step Five (Optional): Create An Introduction

Is your cat terrible at first impressions? Sometimes it helps to do the introducing for him. Head to the Text section to add in a cute little greeting. A simple click in the Text Properties menu will allow you to choose from an array of pre-selected fonts, or you could even add in your own. Even if your cat is too proud for a handshake you can still help him make a great first impression.


A Word Of Caution…

Remember to be careful with your photo editing process. While your cat might have drawn you to opening an eBay account and setting a low bidding price, staring into those loving and mesmerizing eyes too long may mean taking the risk of falling for your cat all over again.


Whether your cat is driving you nuts or you simply want to spruce up your eBay photos, start your journey with a tour of BeFunky’s fabulous photo editing tools. Be sure to tag your best cat photos with #Caturday to keep the party going!