Here is what you are going to do, follow along and listen close, because we’re ready to rock your YouTube Channel with some fab cover art…

You will want to head on over to and choose the Designer Toolset.  Under Social Media Headers, choose YouTube.

Templates YouTube

Still with me? I thought so. Now, choose from one of the fabulous templates. I’m going with the “Awesome Videos Of Dogs Being Dogs” because it’s a super fun cover! In case you are wondering, the YouTube Channel Art size is 2560 X 1440, but we do not have to worry about that with the templates since they’re conveniently pre-set to the perfect size. The hard work is done so we can just design.

Awesome Videos Cover Template

Now, it’s time to choose a background color. Stick true to your brand, but remember that bright colors will make your channel POP!

Background Color

For the purpose of this tutorial, I chose the yellow preset, because as Van Gogh said,

How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.

Because BeFunky is so smart, all we have to do to change that background image, of the dogs, is click on it. We will get an Image Properties box that will easily allow us to replace it.


We’ll continue with the yellow theme and pretend I have a whimsical Youtube channel about gardening. Once you replace the image, you can click it to open in the BeFunky Photo Editor if you would like to make enhancements or add a filter. I tried out the new Funky Focus tool. Then, we can click back to the cover image, bottom left of the work area.


All we need to do now is click on each of the text areas and adjust to our channel. Feel free to move your text elements around for a better fit and add any fun graphic elements you want. Just click and drag. I adore that this template allows you to feature another channel!

Here is the finished example:

Gardening YouTube Channel Art Small

Don’t forget to head on over to the BeFunky Blog for more inspiration and tutorials!

Happy Creating!