Heading to the local drugstore might be a lifesaver when you need a last minute card for that special someone, but have you ever stopped to consider that a thousand other people will also be reading the same terrible pun under the face of that same goofy pug? Not quite so special anymore.


If you’re crunched for time, but still want to show your better half they’re the light of your life, a simple DIY greeting card can do the trick. I’m going to show you how to make a legit card in no time with BeFunky’s Collage Maker!

Select a Template

Click the Templates icon on the menu bar and select a template. For this quick and easy card, I’m going with a four-photo template under the Big Photo Wrap category.

befunky templates

befunky templates big photo wrap

Choose Pictures to Add

Add pictures to your project with the Upload icon in the menu bar. You can browse through files on your computer and Facebook. I’m picking out four photos to fit in my template.

befunky upload pictures

Add Pictures to the Template

Get that inner graphic designer going with little effort. By simply dragging and dropping you can easily add in all your pictures to the template, arranging them as you see fit.

befunky add pictures

Adjust Border Spacing and Corner Rounding

To keep your pictures from looking too crammed together, adjust the spacing around them through the Settings icon in the menu bar. I suggest setting the spacing to between 10.00 and 20.00. I set mine to 15.00. In addition, add a small bit of corner rounding to create a softer look around the edges. I rounded my corners to 2.00.

befunky collage adjust borders

Add a Texture in Photo Editor

Ramp up the loveliness of your pictures with a texture in the Photo Editor. To do so, click on one of the photos in your template. Two icons will pop up in the upper right hand corner: Edit and Delete. Click the Edit button. When the Edit Image box pops up, click Open Image in Editor.

befunky collage edit button

befunky collage open image in editor

Now that you’re in the Photo Editor, click the Textures icon in the menu bar. There are many textures to choose from to give your collage some much deserved pizazz. I’m going to choose a Bokeh texture, specifically Bokeh 2. When you choose a texture, you can further adjust how much of that effect you want on your photo. I turned the opacity of my texture down a few notches.

befunky collage textures bokeh 2

Pro Tip: You can play around and adjust the Blend Mode from the drop down menu to add on all sorts of cool filters to your effect.

To get back to your masterpiece in progress waiting in the Collage Maker you’ll find the icon of your project near the bottom left corner of the editor. Click it to head back to your card. Feel free to follow the above steps again to edit any of your other photos.

befunky collage go back to collage

Personalize with Text

You’re almost done! Click the Text icon in the menu bar and click Add Text. Alternatively, you can also choose from one of the presets or even upload your own fonts!. Each font carries a life and personality of their own, so choose wisely. For a whimsical, romantic font, I suggest using one of the following: LeckenliOne, Frente H1, Karla or, Carrington. I decided to go with Frente H1.

befunky collage edit text

Feel free to throw in a meaningful quote, lyrics, or any other special message for some tender, dramatic “oomph.” You can change the size, font, alignment, color, and much more in the Text Properties menu that pops up when you select a text box.

Admire Your Finished Product

You’ve gone through all the steps and voilà! You now have a card to be proud of!

BeFunky Finished Collage

Print it, frame it, or post it to your partner’s Facebook wall to show it off to the world. Thanks to BeFunky’s Collage Maker you now have a snazzy, romantic, and most importantly unique card with which to sweep them off their feet.

Now go impress their socks off!