One of my very best friends in the world is moving away. She and my other best friend make up my dynamic friendship trio, a group that’s been in each other’s weddings, taken many road trips, and even eaten more s’mores desserts than I ever thought possible. 

We figured that the best way to send her off on her new adventure was to throw a killer surprise party. We made all of the decor and gifts ourselves, and the BeFunky Photo Editor was instrumental in our DIY frenzy. It was so simple to create templates for banners, edit photographs, and watch our creativity genuinely come to life that today I thought I’d show you how to pull off a memorable surprise party (without blowing it, of course!).

Step 1: Come Up With A Great Lie

There are two things you don’t want to have happen when it comes to surprise parties: they find out about the party OR they already make plans and the party falls through. Do whatever it takes to throw them off. 


Step 2: Make It All About Them

Does the surprisee love Star Wars? Or Taylor Swift? Whatever they love, today is all about them. In this particular case, our BFF loves cats, Halloween, and s’mores. So we made the decor accordingly with a lot of help from BeFunky Photo Editor.

First, we decided to make a festive cat banner:


To make: One by one, upload photos into the BeFunky Photo Editor, then add a triangle vector graphic (found in the “Geometry” category) to make a perfect triangle shape on top of the photo. You will need to invert the triangle using this button in the Graphic Properties toolbox that pops up when you add the graphic: 


After resizing and aligning the triangle, I added a Black and White filter, found in the “Effect” tab on the sidebar.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 9.29.55 AM

I did this process with eight different cat photos and printed them all out, cut them out using my triangle graphic as my guide, punched a few holes in each one and strung them together with twine.

Then we made another cat banner:


To make: I freehanded a template for the cat faces on card stock, traced around it on black construction paper, then punched two holes in each one for eyes. I fed Christmas lights into each hole to create this “cat in the headlights” effect.

We also added some Halloween details like these bats and some classic orange and black streamers…


…and some more cat details like these little kitten paw prints:


Step 3: Give Them Something Thoughtful

If the party is for something special, like a birthday, or in this case a farewell, a thoughtful gift will be super memorable for the surprise. Since our little trio has made so many memories together (and taken so many photos along the way), it was fitting to make a photo book. The BeFunky Photo Editor was so handy in helping me sharpen, filter, crop, and resize photos to perfection. After all, you can’t help how you capture candid moments—but you can edit those moments to glorious perfection. Just look at what a difference it makes.

For instance, my skin tone looks way more even and smooth after using the Perfect Skin Tool.


This gloomy beach photo is transformed by sharpening and adding a Chromatic Filter from the Effects tab:


After I got my photos edited and resized to perfection, I had them printed out. I was blown away at how much the editing enhanced my photos!


Then I gathered some supplies: a blank art book, hot glue gun, gel pens and Sharpies galore, stamps, and stickers. You can find all sorts of crafty ideas on the BeFunky Pinterest if you’re in need of some inspiration.


I figured out beforehand how I wanted to place the photos and theme each page. Then one by one, I added a dab of hot glue to the corners of each photo to glue them into place.


Finally, go crazy with decorating, drawing, and writing captions. This is where the real fun kicks in.



Step 4: Let The Surprise Unfold!

We picked our friend up and even made her put on a blindfold so she couldn’t see where we were going! Once she arrived at the party and took off the blindfold, this was her reaction:


Want to pull off the surprise party of a lifetime for someone you love? Don’t go rushing to the party store before you check out the BeFunky Photo Editor. Not only will you be able to truly personalize the decor and gifts, but you’ll save loads of money in the process. Check it out here: