BeFunky’s Cutout tool makes it easy for you to remove unwanted objects from your photos.

1. Upload your photo to BeFunky’s Photo Editor.

hikers remove object photo editor

2.The Edit section will open automatically, from there select Cutout.

cutout tool photo editor befunky

3. Select Erase, then choose your Shape Selection tool.

The Lasso tool (Q looking icon) is a freeform tool that allows you to select objects of ANY shape, Poly tool (polygon icon) make it really easy to select object with defined lines and angles, Circle tool lets you select circle/oval shaped areas, Square tool lets you select square/rectangle shaped areas, and the Paintbrush tool allows you to select an area by painting it out with your mouse.

Pro Tip: If you have left over bits after using one of the other cutout tools, use the Paintbrush tool to easily remove those pesky pixels

polygon tool photoshop photo edit

4. Outline the object you want to remove.

Use the Feather slider to adjust the blending of the edges to cover up a jagged selection.

lasso tool cutout photo editor
5. When you’re finished, click the blue checkmark to apply the effect, then Save your photo or continue editing!

Pro Tip: Use the Clone Tool to fill the empty space you created.

cutout photoshop remove unwanted object photo edit

Ready to try the Cutout tool on one of your photos?

befunky photo editor cutout tool