Everyone’s in a little need of inspiration. I love it when I’m browsing Instagram and all of a sudden I see an amazing picture with an uplifting quote. That totally turns my day around! Because, sometimes all you need is a little two sentence reminder that life is awesome.

With a good photo, a quote, and the help of BeFunky’s Designer Toolset  and Collage Maker, you can easily turn your own pictures into something truly inspirational!

Fall Photos

Find The Right Picture: find a picture that inspires you. (If you want to add a pop of color to your black and white photos, use this tutorial).


 Get A Good Quote: Do a little digging and find just the right quote.


Add Some Text: Spend some time positioning the quote so that the text accentuates the photo.


Right Text + Right Photo= a beautiful photo quote

Love Dancing Sun

And, sometimes a sticker can say it all.

Shut Up Kiss Me

Use Your Imagination: Make up your own quote that represents something you feel passionate about. Get some inspiration—check out our Write-On Channel.

More examples:

Love Is A Trap2

To make your own quote just upload your image into the Designer Toolset with the Image Manager, and then just add text by clicking on the Text button:


Ready to make your own fabulous inspirational quote?