Unlike most Californians, I am an avid fan of frigid, winter weather. While some might view the gloominess of winter as ugly, I can’t help but find beauty in it. To me, there is nothing more lovely than the fog misting over a grassy hill or fresh rain drops on foliage. With that being said, I absolutely adore winter photography, and, lucky for me, the BeFunky Photo Editor’s got some great effects to enhance my winter photography to get me in the spirit of the season.

Getting in The Spirit

When I think of winter photography, I think of this one photo I took with my mom’s old Nikon film camera.


I took it on the bridge near Multnomah Falls in Oregon in January on a trip that I took to Portland for my birthday this year. The shot itself was almost unintentional. It was freezing, and I wanted to get as far away from the waterfall as I possibly could, and quickly, so I just lifted the camera, looked through the viewfinder (a viewfinder!), took it, and left. When I had the film developed (film developed!), I was very pleasantly surprised. To me, this photo represents stark, winter weather that is both gloomy and gorgeous.

Editing…in The Spirit

Now that I know which photo I want to use, I open up the BeFunky Photo Editor to give it a few touch ups. Since the photo itself is dark, I hit it with Beautify at 50%, Fill Light at 50%, and Sharpen at 15%.

multnomah edit

This adds some definition to my photo, which will help when applying effects to it.

Experimenting With Effects

Finding the right effects to highlight your winter photography is crucial and can really add to the dynamic of the message you’re trying to convey. If you’re a little unsure of where you want to go with your effects, I highly recommend trying them all on for size until you land on the right one.

To stick with the theme of winter, BeFunky has some great winter filters and effects, appropriately inspired by Winter weather. Below are “winter 1″, at 75% to take away some of its eeriness, and “winter 2,” applied at 100% to give the effect of snow.

winter 1&2 final

Now, the first two effects are fairly gloomy, so Winter 3, applied at 50%, can add a nice splash of cheer to your winter photography.

multnomah winter 3 50

Other appropriately wintery effects are Cooler 1 (40%) and  cyanotype 6 (100%)

cooler 1 & cyanotype 6

I love these two filters because they give a smooth, dreamy finish to my winter-themed photo.

Last, but not least, I find Lomo Art 3, and apply it at 100%.

multnomah lomo art 3 100

This effect gives a nice pop of color to my otherwise dreary photo to liven it up and give my photo a bit of holiday spirit.

Embrace the beauty of the frosty winter weather!