Fall!  It’s all about glorious, russet-colored beauty, inspirational poems and songs, and a proliferation of pumpkin and apple desserts.  Nowhere is it more beautiful than in upstate New York, where trees are vibrant for all of October, and peepers come from all over to photograph, experience, and enjoy all the season has to offer.

Below is a list of some quintessential autumn photos everyone should try. And if you want to dress them up a bit while you’re on the go, the BeFunky mobile app is the perfect way to give them that little extra touch of class. Trust.

1. Feet in the leaves.


I took this while running, amidst a sea of vibrant floating leaves, and feeling slightly as though I were running through one of those car ads where leaves fly behind and down the road.

Photo Tip: Amplify fall’s natural beauty by upping your saturation slightly (remember, overexposed=bad) in the Edits panel.

2. Scarf-mania.


Once the temperature dips below fifty degrees, break out the scarves!  People are obsessed with them…as both a fashion accessory and a true neck-warmer.  Necessary for warmth and so chic.

Pro Tip: Draw attention to a snazzy accessory by using Funky Focus in the Photo Editor. It’ll allow you to highlight certain areas while blurring out others, giving your photos that nice, oh so professional look.

3. Pumpkin…everything.  And also, pumpkins.

fall-950442_1920 (1)

They’re the ultimate harbinger of fall.

4. Foliage shots.

fall leaves

It seems unbelievable that what was shortly lush green terrain should be transformed to an explosion of reds, yellows, and oranges, but every year, it happens.  And we should all stop and smell the crisp air and take a few pictures!

Pro Tip: Leaves looking gorgeous but your photos don’t match up for some reason? Fine tune your exposure with the Levels tool in the Photo Editor for the crispest quality images this side of the internet.

5. Multitudinous apples.


In New York, there are more varieties than you’d think possible. New hybrids are constantly being invented, and believe it or not, they all taste different. Crisp, juicy, and ready to pick (yourself, if you so choose), New York apples are second to none.

6. The Starbucks cup shot.

starbucks cup

Obviously there’s a pumpkin spice latte in there.  And it’s nutmeggy and delicious and most definitely Instagram worthy.

7. Apple pie, pumpkin pie, really, just…pies.


So many pies, so little time.  Whether you’re a devout family recipe follower, a Cooking Light aficionado, or a Pioneer Woman yourself, there are more recipes for pies this time of year than a State Fair bake-off.  May the best crust win.  The imagery of said pies only makes them seem that much more delicious.

Pro Tip: Play around with your hue and temperature to nail the perfect color scheme. Remember, images that feature blue as the dominant color generate 24% more likes than images that are predominantly red. 

8. The leaf macro.


Get up-close and personal with a leaf and its singular beauty.  No two are alike, and with the right combination of sun and rain, they create their own bright little landscape as they fall to earth.

Pro Tip: Looking for some gorgeous fall inspiration shots? Check out the BeFunky fall Pinterest board for some seriously stunning shots.

9. The creation of fall traditions, such as cider and cider doughnuts.

cider and doughnuts

In case just-plain-apples aren’t your thing, add various spices and create cider!  Almost every farm and orchard has their own version, and they make doughnuts with it as well.  Which are then covered in gobs of cinnamon and sugar.  And eaten by yours truly.  Yum.  Oh, and there’s hard cider to be had, too.  It’s fizzy, bright, and feels fancy in a glass.  These quaint and seasonal traditions make for a lovely picture.

10. The omnipresent Ugg boot.


I can’t say I own a pair any longer; my love for them was short-lived as they perpetually pulled down my socks and were not terribly practical in the actual snowy weather.  And yet, they linger.  They remain on the feet of millions as they imbibe their hard cider or PSLs, and take their sepia-tinged fall photos.  No matter your opinion of them, it seems they’re here to stay.

So get out there while there’s still some to see and do!  Winter is coming, and too soon, if you ask me. Capture delightful moments of fall and its many beautiful colors with memorable photos. Time to download the BeFunky app and get snapping!